LSU Registration


LSU is an independent club team.  Please do not register students who want to join LSU on the Lakeville South Registration for Athletics and Activities page.  Instead, do the following:

LSU Shield

  1. Sign in to Minnesota Ultimate and register student for the 2021 season.  If you haven’t already created an account for the student, please create one now.
    1. Provide Participant Info.
    2. Register student by choose Minnesota Ultimate (High School) Membership – MN Youth STANDARD ($37).
    3. Download, read and choose whether to accept waiver(s) (e.g. USAU Infectious Disease Waiver Agreement and USAU Waiver Agreement).  Optionally print and sign waiver(s) and keep in your records.
    4. Choose optional Minnesota Ultimate add-ons (e.g. disk).
    5. Checkout to pay and complete the Minnesota Ultimate registration process.
  2. Print and fill out a USAU Medical Authorization Form.
    • LSU coaches will not allow a player to participate in practices or games without this form.
    • Please give the completed Medical Form to one of the LSU coaches.
  3. Complete and submit the LSU Registration Form. This contact information is only made available to, and used by, LSU coaches to communicate with players and parents or guardians during the season.
  4. Pay the LSU registration fee ($100).
    • LSU uses this payment to cover practice insurance, Minnesota High School Ultimate League team registration and tournament fees.
    • Make your check out to the Lakeville South Ultimate Frisbee and write player’s name in the check memo.
    • Please give the check to one of the LSU coaches.

Please take a look at our COVID-19 refund policy if interested.

After completing the registration process, don’t forget to purchase an LSU uniform package at our online store, which will be open for a limited time before the first season game. Optionally purchase other LSU gear, like shorts, hoodies, and caps, all of which help fund LSU.