Lakeville South Ultimate (LSU) Frisbee

Ultimate is a low-contact game where players pass a Frisbee (a.k.a. disk) downfield to score. Ultimate, which includes elements of basketball and football, promotes Spirit of the Game by requiring players to self-referee the game.

Lakeville South Ultimate (LSU) Frisbee is a spring club sport associated with Lakeville South High School. The team receives no funding from Lakeville Schools. LSU relies on player registration fees, LSU merchandise sales, fund raising and donations to pay insurance, Minnesota High School Ultimate League team registration and tournament fees, all of which are managed by a non-profit board of directors.

LSU’s mission is to build a competitive ultimate team that values spirit, hard work and integrity by helping students develop ultimate Frisbee skills, building trusted relationships and teaching good sportsmanship.


Head coach Ken Auger (pronounced Oh-zhay) played and coached in White Bear, a perennial ultimate powerhouse, and he continues to play and promote the game.  Coach Auger founded LSU in spring 2017.


COVID-19 prevented us from playing in 2020, but we’re planning to play, with some schedule changes, new rules and safety procedures, in spring 2021. Coach Auger and LSU Board members are reviewing ultimate COVID-19 requirements and restrictions, and created LSU COVID-19 rules and guidelines to keep players, coaches and fans as safe as possible this season.  Please see the LSU COVID-19 Rules and Guidelines.


Join our team.  But first, please register.

If you have any questions, please contact coach Ken ( or assistant coach Mike (

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